Friday, October 07, 2005

In the Church

Yesterday there was a Rosary service in the church as part of the Respect Life month. It was the first time that I've ever prayed the Rosary along with the community, but, most important, it was also the first time that I've ever prayed the Rosary with my wife!

Men and women, boys and girls were present. Both the pastor and the associate pastor were there too, as well as a permanent deacon candidate. Colored candles were lit at the sanctuary entrance and the altar was decorated with a statue of Our Lady of Graces.

A Scripture passage was read before each mystery and every other mystery an ode would be sung led by the soloist with the organist accompanying. I also understood how some can pray the Rosary in mere 15min or so: the second part of Ave Maria was said in one breath! But praying as a group helped rounding out some details. As I said before, I know some prayers in my native Portuguese, others in my adopted English and some I don't know at all. Interestingly enough, so I thought.

Privately, I said the Nicean Credo instead of the Apostle's Credo beginning the Rosary for the simple reason that I learned the former following Mass. So I was lost for a couple of seconds as the group start the Rosary with the Apostle's Credo, when its words started coming out of my mouth quietly in Portuguese. I was amazed that I still remembered them since my childhood.

Being a Thursday, it was the day of the Luminous Mysteries, which I like very much. I have a particular joy asking for Mary's prayers as I meditate on the wedding at Cana, where she was for the first time our Intercessor with the Lord Jesus. We were blessed for having John Paul II as pope for so long, and I believe that he'll be remembered for centuries by the laity for adding these mysteries to the Rosary.

I and my wife sometimes stumbled together and also helped each other if one would miss the rhythm. It was lovely to meditate on the events of Salvation alongside her, asking for Mary's intercession to not only guide us through them, but also for the grace to live out the work of Salvation (Phil 2:12). It was a joy indeed.



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