Sunday, October 30, 2005

In a Journey

When my soul looks back, it's like it's been with its eyes shut as a babe's. As it shyly starts opening its eyes, it can see the light of the day at last. A day illuminated by Our Lord's light, a light which doesn't glare, not even its babe's eyes.

As it wonders at the just unveiled reality, the soul soon looks at itself. Not anymore in the dark, it can now see many stains and mends on it, when it feels ashamed finding itself in this state before the King of Kings. Yet, at the same time, it's joyful to see them, for it now knows it needs cleansing and asks for it and the Lord Himself cleans it and mends it.

The soul is now careful to avoid muddy paths which can stain it and thorny ones which can tear it. Not because it is any wiser, rather because it now recognizes its ignorance, choosing the company of His friends to point it the way which leads to Him. The road to Him is smooth and pleasantly lit, but the soul still struggles to remain in it, as it falls on the wayside every so often. But its Master is faithful and lends it His hand whenever it calls out for Him. As a merciful Father, He gears the soul up so it will be able to see ever more clearly and to be able to walk with better command of its steps. The soul knows that it cannot trust itself completely, so it relies on the favors of the Spirit to keep it on the path.

The soul now treads a merry way; it doesn't find itself alone anymore. It knows it can stop at inns along the way to be fed and to rest, strengthened to follow on in its journey. The soul doesn't know when the journey will end, but it knows to Whom it leads, for Himself leads the soul.



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