Saturday, December 10, 2005

In Focus, Blurred

As I said before, in order to keep my attention focused, even if only for a few moments, I repeat an ejaculation based on the Mystery being meditated on as I say the Ave Maria. It indeed helps when I pray the Rosary while driving, but praying also helps my driving.

It's not only the way of driving that's helped, becoming a more fluid conduct on the road, but also where and when driving takes place. I trace my route and shift my schedule to avoid heavier traffic, so that more of my attention is available to meditation.

It's easy to tell when not much attention is left when I say the Gloria after the Pater or when I can't remember that I said the Fatima Prayer. That's when I consider my options between changing my route or even finding the slowest moving lane, so that I can drive more relaxed and autonomously.

On the other hand, I've found that the ejaculations may be a bit counter-effective when I pray the Rosary in a stationary place. Then, I'm able to meditate more deeply if I picture the events surrounding the Mystery in question. Among the telling signs, saying the ejaculations tends to be a bit mechanical and time drags.

Of course, this is what happens to me. And I suspect that this is what happens to me now. But the Lord is merciful and I shall not want.



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