Saturday, December 10, 2005

Where Was I?

I've been posting new entries less often than I'd like.

I prefer to post not long after a Confession and always after some time of prayer, but my busy days eat up all time.

I could probably post from work, but I'd rather not. I try to give my employer a full day's worth of work.

I could probably post from home, but I'd rather not. After a whole day spent in front of a computer, I refrain from having one in front of me in the evening.

Only weekends are left then.

Then again, it's not like I realize something new everyday. Actually, I can't say that I realize about something every week either. As time goes by, I've actually notices that some past realizations get deeper and others are, regretfully, forgotten. I'd like to think that such forgotten insights would be absorbed in the soul as food is in the body, but I can't really say. Yet, I pray that the Good Shepherd will provide my soul with all the sustenance it needs to grow towards Him.



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