Sunday, January 08, 2006

Reigning my Pride

I said before that I've struggled with keeping my mind in the mysteries and developed some techniques to help. Perhaps I'm not unlike others, however, when it comes to humility though. I'm tempted to say that I'm the champion of pride, but that would be boasting. :-)

Lately I've been trying to pay attention to my actions and thoughts in order to weed out pride. For example, I've been trying to enhance my charity on the road by gently pacing behind a slow car.

I've also tried a change in an ejaculation I said during the Sorrowful Mysteries to get more up close and personal with the sacrifice of my Lord:
  • His Agony: "... Jesus, Who sweat blood for me."
  • His Scourging: "... Jesus, Who was scourged for me."
  • His Crowning with Thorns: "... Jesus, Who was crowned with thorns for me."
  • His Sentencing: "... Jesus, Who carried the heavy cross for me."
  • His Crucifixion: "... Jesus, Who was crucified for me."
May He forgive me and receive me back in His embrace on the cross.



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