Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shower Us

Someday this past week, I don't really know how, I found myself meditating on the Pater when saying the Rosary. I'm sure I didn't find out anything new about the Lord's Prayer, but I thought I'd share my thoughts here.

I think that it started when I started thinking on what others had said about it. St. Augustine once wrote a beautiful meditation on this prayer which can be found almost in its entirety in the Catechism. St. Thomas Aquinas also wrote on the Pater and the Angelic Doctor divided it in two parts: the part comprising the first three verses are desires and the other part, comprising the remaining four verses, are petitions. But it was not until now that I realized that these petitions are for graces to attain those wishes.

In other words, the Pater is the road map to holiness, the universal call to be perfect with the Father through His grace (Mt 5:48). Not by coincidence, after stating this call, Jesus teaches us the Pater (Mt 6:9), or how to set sail to the breeze of the Holy Spirit, as St. Augustine said.



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