Sunday, May 14, 2006

Going On

Only now I realize that it's been about a year since I've started to pray the Rosary daily. A Lent later, I can say that it's been like a new Easter for me.

Jesus calls all of us to holiness, to love Him as He loved us. He loves us first and patiently awaits us to love Him back. By grace we find out about His love and, though imperfectly, we try to correspond. We yearn to know Him intimately and to do what pleases Him. We open our ears and our hearts to His loving words and caresses. He wishes to give us so much if only we ask (1 Jn 3:22) and He himself taught us how to ask (Mt 6:9-13), by turning to Him to give Him glory and to present our petitions.

But sometimes, we have nothing to ask for, all we want to do is to be with Jesus, to caress Him with tender and loving words. And He invites us to do this more often, daily, every few hours even. This is when I guess we can say that we have a prayer life.

Without prayer, it's virtually impossible to grow closer Jesus. It's as though the soul is not watered and remains in the shade, away from His refreshing infusions and from His life-giving light.



Anonymous urban-hermit @ Catholic Ans Forums said...

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Saw one of your posts on Catholic Answers Forums and followed the link to your blog.

I have also been praying the rosary for over a year and have received a lot of grace from it.

Wanted to share an audio version of the so-called "scriptural rosary" that I often pray along with. I find it helps me to better meditate on the mystery at hand as I pray. There are multiple versions and I found them in EWTN's audio library. Check them out when you get a chance!

You can find the other variations by searching select series by keyword "rosary" here

God bless you brother,
- Joe (aka "urban-hermit")

May 21, 2006 4:20 AM  

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