Sunday, December 23, 2007


Frame of Botticelli's 'Annunciation' at CestelloThere are some films and paintings that have left an impression in my imagination even after years having last seen them. I cherish to recall some of these works of art, in particular when saying the Rosary to deepen my appreciation of its Mysteries.

I can find in the Gospels a lot about these events, especially about the context in which they took place. Through its text, it's then feasible to picture in my mind these events as they unfold before the eyes of my imagination. What follows sometimes is that my soul finds itself in awe before such Mysteries.

More than one film or painting was made about the birth, life, passion and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and some are stand out above others in their depictions of different Mysteries, having indeed touched my soul. Then recalling these film scenes or other works of art is quite helpful to place myself before the Savior in prayer:



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